Healthy Tiffin Services in Mumbai

Healthy Tiffin
Service In Mumbai

Your solution to eating healthy everyday. 3calories – Your trusted prompt healthy tiffin service at your doorstep. Samples Available.

Ghar Ka Khana Now At A Single Click!

Veg Meal
₹ 110

1 Veg High Protein Dish

1 Organic Rice

1 Vegetable

2 Chapatis

1 Dal

1 Salad/Soup/Raita/Probiotic

Nonveg Meal
₹ 140

1 150gm Chicken Dish

1 Organic Brown Rice

1 Vegetable

2 Chapatis

1 Dal

1 Probiotic (Buttermilk/Curd)

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Why 3calories?

Mumbai has been a city of dreams and it will continue carrying the title as long as the moon keeps revolving around our planet. Like all the people who have came to the city of dreams from across the country, you must be one of them. You miss your city, your people, and of course ghar ka khana – a delicious home cooked food. It is something that you cannot go thinking without.

3calories understand the pain of not being able to devour the food cooked by mom. But who said that staying away from home should stop you experiencing this bliss? You can always have the choice of getting Healthy Tiffin Service in Mumbai from 3calories.

We are like your mom. We do not want you to eat that junk food every day. We want you to eat meals that are cooked in a clean environment ensuring all nutrients are locked in without compromising on the taste. And we will make you eat lauki (bottle guard) without making a face. We already told you. We are like your mom!

Eating junk food as meals has its several ill effects. Fast food is nothing but empty calories which are loaded with fats. At 3calories, we ensure that every food is being cooked in hygienic environment and reaching you lightening fast. We do not compromise on your health no matter what and possibly that’s why we are the best Healthy Tiffin Service in Mumbai.

What we offer?

We offer simple meals. No complications and no fancy words. Only simple pure bliss of eating ghar ka khana. Oh yes, but these simple meals will be oozing out with nutrients for sure.

3calories offer you regular and high protein meals in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. In regular vegetarian meals, you will be getting rice (brown or white), daal, sabzi, and salad. In regular non-vegetarian meal, you will be getting chicken curry along with roti, rice (brown or white), and salad.

High protein vegetarian meals consist of a hearty portion of daal, lentils, tofu, and vegetarian sources of protein to fulfill your daily protein requirement. High protein non-vegetarian meals give you animal-sourced protein alternatives to choose from.

Our best Healthy Tiffin Service are operational across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. We will reach you irrespective of your location. We told you, didn’t we? We are like your mom and we will never let you eat fast food as a replacement for a wholesome meal.

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